Environment & social projects

Promotion of young people

Free entry for young people

Young cross-country skiers are the future of the Engadin Skimarathon. Since 2010 young skiers aged 15 and 16 years old start for free at the half-marathon. To take advantage of this free start, the registration form on www.engadin-skimarathon.ch has to be filled out and returned to us, including a copy of the passport.

School classes at the start

The project „School classes at the start“ encourages school classes to participate in the Half-Marathon or Engadin Skimarathon. This project motivates youngsters to move more and live healthy. Most important is the group experience, not the ranking. Teachers receive the possibility to organise a moving and adventurous project with little effort.

Cross-country base Engadin Nordic

The Engadin Skimarathon makes a yearly contribution to the local cross-country base Engadin Nordic and has done so since its formation in 1994. In addition, the base receives a free advertising platform at the Marathon-Village.

Turning the engine off at every stop is always worth it.

Because that’s how you save gas, avoid unnecessary noise and make sure that energy doesn’t just go up in smoke.

In general, you can’t argue with this: turning off your engine is always worth it. This is true for all vehicles. For those without automatic start-stop systems already after 5–10 seconds. For vehicles with automatic start-stop systems, even earlier: with some models after less than one second. So the best thing to do is to use the automatic system as consistently as possible. These results are from a scientific study carried out by TCS www.motor-abschalten.ch.

They confirm that in Switzerland, the savings potential* of turning off your engine is huge. Annually, this comes approximately to:
• 50–60 million liters of fuel
• 115,000–145,000 tons of CO2
• 85–110 million Swiss francs

* Estimate: consistently turning off your engine can save 3% fuel, with the engine turned off in 40% of cases.

Turn off your engine when you stop. While waiting, standing still in traffic, loading and during pick-ups. Even if it’s only for a few seconds.

Turning off the engine saves up to 10% fuel

Turning the engine off at every stop is always worth it. Experts estimate fuel savings of up to 10% in the city, with a total average of an impressive 3–6% savings.

Forget theses two myths:

“Warming up” the engine is good. Wrong.
Because after running for 4 minutes with an outdoor temperature of –10°, the oil temperature only rises to –7°. And the temperature from the air nozzles after 4 minutes is a mere, tepid 10°. But that’s at a cost of already 0.15 liters of gas (source: TCS). Aside from the fact that “unnecessary idling” is against the law, it can cost you a CHF 60.- fine and is bad for your engine.

Turning the engine on and off repeatedly is bad for your car. Wrong.
Because once the engine has reached its operating temperature, the additional effect of turning the engine on and off several times is negligible (source: TCS).

Two tips for the road.
Don’t press the gas pedal when you start the car. First, it’s not necessary, and second, the savings effect is lost that way. If your car doesn’t have an automatic start-stop system, switch the ignition back on again after you turn off the engine, so that your car’s parking lights don’t automatically switch on.

> www.motor-abschalten.ch

This is where it’s worth turning off your engine

According to model calculations, a vehicle runs idle approximately 5 minutes per day. If the engine were turned off for just half of this time, rounding up, this would save about 50 million liters of fuel that otherwise would just go up in smoke. See for yourself how many seconds you need on average to do the following:

Situation Sec. Liters of emissions Abgas
opening garage door 20 200
Recycling glass 41 410
Loading luggage 33 330
Getting newspaper from the vending machine 25 250
Posting a letter in the mailbox 30 300
Dropping someone off 25 250
Ordering at McDonalds Drive Thru 50 500
Asking for direction 30 300
Waiting at a red light 20 200
Paying for a taxi 60 600
Waiting for a railroad gate 150 1500
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