Qualification & starting blocks

Qualification from participation at Engadin Women's Race 2018

starting block women total time
  rankings from time
Elite 1-106 0:41.18,5
Elite A 107-320 0:51.51,2
Main class A 321-534 0:59.03,3
Main class B 535-801 1:06.18,8
General class ab 802 1:17.34,9
Total classified 1069  

Qualification from praticipation at Engadin Women's Race 2017

starting block women total time
  rankings from time
Elite 1-97 0:42.48,3
Elite A 98-293 0:53.49,9
Main class A 294-489 1:00.46,8
Main class B 490-734 1:07.15,8
General class ab 735 1:16.41,9
Total classified 979  

Qualification rules

starting block with former qualification starting time
Elite 1% to 10% 10.00
Elite A 11% to 30% 10.05
main class A 31% to 50% 10.10
main class B 51% to 75% 10.15
general class 76% to 100% 10.20

Starting block change

First time competitors who offer proof of ranking with their entries (Swiss Loppet or Worldloppet) may be allowed to start in a front group. The same rule is valid for competitors who have not participated in the Engadin Skimarathon or Women's Race for the last two years.

The request must be made by filling out the form online after the online registration and after paying the starting fee. The event organizer has sole responsibility for determining the starting order and will confirm the assigned starting block by e-mail. Qualifications of participation in the last two years are valid and cannot be changed.

Arrival and location
Arrival and location
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