Exactly 50 days before the 50th Engadin Skimarathon, all starting places have al-ready been assigned. 14,200 people have registered for the second largest cross-country event in the world. Thus, the "Engadiner" has achieved the best registra-tion result in its history. There are still starting places available for the 19th Enga-din Women's Race and the 2nd Engadin Night Race.

For the first time in its history, the Engadin Skimarathon announces the sale of all available starting positions. "Our most important goal is the high quality and safety of our events. That's why we cannot accept more than 14,200 applications for the Engadin Skimarathon” explains Managing Director Menduri Kasper. “The huge interest in the anniversary race makes us all very proud. It is a great compliment to the work done since 1969 and to the Engadin as a unique cross-country skiing area.”

The great interest in the 50th Engadin Skimarathon had already started in the summer of 2017, which is why the organizers introduced a participation restriction for the first time in history. The limit of 14,200 participants was reached on January 19th 2018; the registration was closed.


The Engadin Women’s Race and Engadin Night Race are also on a record course

The starting positions for the other two races in the framework of the Engadin Marathon Week 2018 are also in great demand:

The 19th Engadin Women's Race on Sunday, March 4th, currently has 17% more registrations over the same time last year, making a new participant record possible there as well. For the second Engadin Night Race on Thursday, March 8th, there are almost three times as many registrations at the current time as at the 2017 premiere.

The 38th Engadin Night Sprint will also provide a unique atmosphere. On the evening of Friday, March 9th, the Marathon Village in the spa park of St. Moritz-Bad will again be hosting world-class athletes and young talent from Grisons as they sprint for fame, honour and prize money.


Information about the jubilee activities and registration for the 19th Women’s Race and 2nd Engadin Night Race on www.engadin-skimarathon.ch.

Engadin Skimarathon Quadratscha 18 CH-7503 Samedan
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