51st Engadin Skimarathon
42 km
Maloja, 1‘820 m
S-chanf, 1‘670 m

Starting fee Engadin Half Marathon 2019

Registration CHF EUR
from 1st September 120.- 110.-
from 1st January 140.- 125.-
from 1st February 160.- 140.-
from 1st March 180.- 160.-
Impressions from 2018

Replay Livestream 2018

See the best spots of the 50th Engadin Skimarathon 2018 again. Participants, family memember and xc skiing fans can reminisce about the jubilee edition while watching the livestream on replay.

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Museum Alpin Pontresina

Special Exhibition Engadin Skimarathon
11th june - 20th October 2018

The anniversary exhibition for the 50th Engadin Skimarathon is on display in the Museum Alpin in Pontresina. Gain an interesting insight into the development
of the “Engadiner” though thrilling photos and films, medals and trophies, race equipment and much more.

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Engadin Skimarathon
Engadin Skimarathon
18.06.2018, 10:59 Uhr

Wie stehts mit euem Sommertraining? Macht mit am Wettbewerb und gewinnt einen Startplatz am Swissalpine 🏃‍♀️ Viel Glück 🍀

Arrival and location
Arrival and location
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