Ambassadors of the Engadin Skimarathon are well-known personalities in the world of sports, politics, culture etc. They are in some way connected to our event.

Norman Foster

British architect, London
I have been enchanted by this unique sporting event since 1993 and will always be deeply moved by the majestic natural setting of Engadin. There are so many variables and every competitive race is a singular experience. The marathon is also a metaphor for life itself. Long live the Engadin Skimarathon!

Tor-Arne Hetland, Norwegen

World champion and Olympic gold medalist, twice winner of the Engadin Skimarathon (2008 and 1999)
To me, the Engadin Skimarathon is a perfect race in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe. It is a huge festival for cross-country skiing fans from all over the world. Everyone enjoys the comfortable atmosphere and the excellent, fast pace on compact snow, the Engadin sun, the tail wind and then the after-marathon-party. The four times I have personally participated remain in my best memories. I can only say to every cross-country skiing enthusiast that the “Engadiner” has to be personally experienced.

Former Swiss Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi

Member of the Swiss government, of the Swiss Federal Council (1987-2000) and special advisor for sports in the service of development and peace on behalf of the UNO (2001-2007)
Anyone who has completed the “Engadiner” once cannot stop. The person will be infected by a virus that will also follow through the summer, and the most beautiful and biggest folk-cross-country skiing marathon will remain on his or her agenda. Happiness prevails!

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schwab, KCMG

Founder and president of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos
The “Engadiner” is considerably more than a local event with national significance. To me, it’s symbolic of how a collection of over 10,000 individuals are able to come together through one goal: to successfully overcome 42 kilometers. That is how or world should work, meaning that people should strive with much perseverance and fair, sporting spirit towards the same goal.

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Arrival and location
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