Change of track

Engadin Skimarathon

Important information: Change of track as of 2022

In autumn 2021, various construction works were carried out on the cross-country ski trail network in Engadin. These adjustments will enable a new track for the Engadin Skimarathon in the future.

What exactly is changing
The new track begins at the Cuntschett cross-country skiing center in Pontresina at kilometer 21. There, the participants cross the creek Ova da Roseg over the newly built bridge in the direction of Schlosswiese, before returning to the old track in the direction of Muragls. The narrow underpass under the main road will be bypassed thanks to the track change.

Before the first small ascent in the Muragls area, the new track will lead back to the orthographically left side of the valley and continue in the direction of Celerina. There, the participants pass the new RhB underpass in the Plattignas area, which has been widened from two meters to over six meters.

In front of the famous San Gian Church in Celerina, an additional loop extends the new track. The participants then return to the well-known marathon track in the direction of the airfield through the newly widened underpass at the main road.

New track - added value for all participants
So far, the two climbs on the track between Pontresina and Punt Muragl have repeatedly led to traffic jams and waiting times. With the new track, this will no longer be a problem. The narrow bypass at the Punt Muragl valley station is also a thing of the past thanks to the new track.

As a result of the adjustments, the total distance of the Engadin Skimarathon is now 43 kilometers.

Total track: Pontresina - Samedan

Section of track: Pontresina