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Marathon week enriched by a team event: 1st Engadin Stafetta

Samedan, 29 November 2022: During the marathon week from 5 - 12 March 2023, non-cross-country skiers will also be able to take part. At the new Engadin Stafetta team event, teams of 4 will compete in three disciplines: classic technique, free technique and running.

A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. Heard that before, have you? So have we. And yet, it couldn't be more fitting in connection with our new race format. The Engadin Stafetta is a team race with three different disciplines: classic, skating and running.

First things first: loners have no business here, this is a «team player only» kind of event. And those who are able to compete in their flagship disciplines. The fact that the Engadin Stafetta is not only for cross-country skiers makes the whole thing really exciting. For the first time ever, athletes can also be part of the Engadin Skimarathon who have nothing to do with cross-country skiing and wear running shoes instead of skis. They will run a distance of about 4.5 km.

This is how it works: The race starts with the classic discipline, which is about 8 km long. In the transition area the timekeeper (one per team) is handed over to participant 1 in the free technique (approx. 7km). After that, the runner has his turn on the running course, before participant 2 in the free technique (also approx. 7km) makes the final cut. Four athletes, three disciplines, the maximum of fun!

Biggest challenge: finding the right team mates

You decide among yourselves who will start in which discipline. The only conditions are: A team consists of four people, and there are three categories: Women, men and mixed. In the mixed team, there must be at least one man and at least one woman.

It doesn't matter what kind of teams they are. Family members, BFFs, office mates, training or poker pals, the main thing is that there are four of you, you are motivated to the hilt and you have fun.

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