Info Worldloppet passport holder

Are you the owner of a Worldloppet passport? Congratulations! Here you will find some useful information.

Worldloppet is not just a ski association, it is a circle of unique cross-country races around the world. And the holders of Worldloppet passports are just as unique.

People know each other, not only among the organisers of the individual Worldloppet races, but also among the participants. The goal of every passport holder is clear: to become a Worldloppet Gold Master! How does that work? Complete every one of the 22nd Worldloppet races over the full distance. Sounds like a big challenge? It is. Because the Worldloppet races take place in Australia, China, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan and of course in Europe. You don't just do that quickly in one season, it takes time, endurance and passion. We are proud to be part of the Worldloppet Gold Master Series as the Swiss representative.

Meet pass holders at the Engadin Skimarathon

Holders of a Worldloppet passport will have the opportunity to meet and exchange information in person at the Engadin Skimarathon. Time and date will be communicated here in the course of the winter.


Worldloppet passports

The Worldloppet Pass is a personal document in which every race is entered and verified with the official stamp of the race office. After ten different races, at least one outside of Europe, have been successfully completed, the pass holder receives the status of a Worldloppet Masters (WL Master). The current race calendar lists all races that are recognized for the Worldloppet Gold or Silver Master.

Order Worldloppet Pass

The pass can be ordered directly when registering for the marathon and will be sent by post (CHF 35.- plus postage). You may also buy it at the marathon office in Samedan.

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