«Engadin Skimarathon - individual»

Experience the Engadin Skimarathon between March 6th and 8th 2023 in a different way: «Engadin Skimarathon - individual».

This time you don't compete against the over 14,000 other participants, but against yourself. The fixed time measurement on the original marathon route from Maloja to S-chanf is accessible to all cross-country skiing enthusiasts and Engadin Skimarathon fans, but requires registration. Are you ready for the somewhat different adventure «Engadin Skimarathon - individual»?

«Engadin Skimarathon - individual» with uprgaded highlights

The «Engadin Skimarathon – individual» is back, with even more Engadin appeal. The race now offers many additional highlights, both on and off the course. For you, we have upgraded and refined the overall experience and styled it into a real eye-catcher. Would you like to enjoy the new experience?

What's new?

Transportation of personal effects
Freezing was yesterday! Your warm clothes travel comfortably with the effect transport and await you at the finish in S-chanf. Pure luxury. There are two effect transports available per day (times to follow).

Catering along the racecourse
In Pontresina, at km 21, you can help yourself at the refreshment post and start the second half of the course refreshed. Sounds good, right?

Marathon chalet with food and drinks at the finish line
Of course, after 42 km your stomach is rumbling. How appropriate when the Marathon Chalet is waiting for you with delicious food. Enjoy fine grilled dishes and pasta variations. And of course, refreshing and thirst-quenching drinks are also waiting for you.

Extra buses
How reassuring to know that you will get home safely. Shuttle buses to S-chanf station are available at the finish. The Engadin Bus line 7 serves the finish area in S-chanf during these days (see timetable).

In addition, an extra bus runs twice a day (times to follow) with a direct connection to Samedan, Pontresina, St. Moritz and Silvaplana.

With the «Gnusspäckli» you benefit from practical additional services. Our favourite can already be booked with the registration. You can book your plate of pasta, a dessert and a drink conveniently when you register.

Event duration

The «Engadin Skimarathon – individual» will be held from 6. – 8. of March 2023. The start in Maloja is possible from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Registration online

Don't miss it. Register now for the «Engadin Skimarathon – individual». 



All women and men born in 2008 and older are eligible to participate. Only participants who are in good health and do not have any COVID 19 symptoms are allowed to start.

Skiing technique

Freestyle and classic; the whole track is groomed (classic tracks where possible).


Maloja – S-chanf (42 km). There will be no half marathon distance offered. The entire route will be signposted. The course follows the original route of the Engadin Skimarathon, with one exception: the lap in front of the San Gian church does not have to be completed. There are various road crossings on the route which are not closed or prepared with snow. You may have to take off your skis to cross. Car traffic has the right of way and general traffic rules apply. In La Punt, a flat rate of 5 minutes will be deducted from the running time for crossing the village.

Registration and registration deadline

Registration takes place exclusively online. Registration will be closed on 8 March 2023 at 11.00 a.m., if there are still starting places available. If a person wants to participate more than once, he/she must register and pay the entry fee again.

Participation restriction

The organiser has the right to limit the number of participants if necessary.

Entry fee

The entry fee is CHF 20.00 and includes the following services:

  • Starting number with timing chip
  • Foot bandage for starting number
  • Time measurement
  • Transportation of personal effects (2 times per day at predefined times
  • Refreshments along the course (in Pontresina at km 21)
  • Finisher gift
  • Finisher diploma (digital)
  • Cross-country pass for the given day (the starting number serves as a trail pass on the day of the race on the Engadin Skimarathon course)

The entry fee is exclusive of any transaction costs (e.g. credit card fees).


The «Gnusspäckli» with practical additional services can also be booked when registering. In addition to the basic services (see above), the «Gnusspäckli» includes the following additional services:

  • 1 pasta plate at the Marathon Chalet in the finish area
  • 1 dessert in the finish area
  • 1 drink in the finish area (soft drink or beer)
  • Return transport by extra bus to Samedan, Pontresina, St. Moritz or Silvaplana (the ticket is only valid for the extra bus and not for public transportation such as RhB or Postauto)

Deregistration / cancellation of the race

If the race is cancelled due to COVID 19, the entry fee will be refunded. If the competition cannot take place for any other reason, no refund will be made. Those who cannot start at the «Engadin Skimarathon – individual» will not receive a refund of the entry fee. In case of doubtful race conditions, the organizer will provide information through the website.

Issuance of timing chip

The timing chip (starting number) will be issued at the tourist information in Maloja. The timing chip can be obtained daily from 6 to 8 March 2023 from 08:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. In addition, the timing chip can be collected at the tourist information offices in St. Moritz and Pontresina during regular opening hours.

Timing chip

The timing chip (starting number) is given with a strap and must be worn around the arm. The starting number must be worn on the outside to ensure correct timekeeping (not in the pocket of the jacket/trousers or in the backpack).

Arrival and Departure

The journey to the start in Maloja lies in the responsibility of the participants. There are only few public parking spaces available in Maloja. There are shuttle buses to S-chanf railway station, which run every half hour. The finish area in S-chanf will be served by line 7 of the Engadin Bus during these days.

In addition, an extra bus runs twice a day (timetable to be published later) with a direct connection to Samedan, Pontresina, St. Moritz and Silvaplana. The ticket for the extra bus costs CHF 10 and can be purchased on site. This ticket is included in the «Gnusspäckli».

There are no parking spaces available at the finish area in S-chanf. We recommend the return journey by public transport.

Online timetable Engadin Bus

The train stop «S-chanf Marathon» will not be served by the Rhaetian Railway (RhB).

Online timetable Rhätische Bahn

Starting times and starting procedure

The start will take place individually between 6 March and 8 March 2023 between 08:00 and 12:00 a.m. After 12.00 noon the starting area will be closed and the timing will no longer be triggered. The day of the run and the exact start time do not have to be announced in advance.

As soon as the participant crosses the starting line, time measurement is activated. For 30 minutes, the starting line can then be crossed as many times as you wish – only the last triggered time is valid. This means that there is enough time for photos etc.

Should the participant forfeit the race, it can’t be restarted (time measurement will not be triggered). It is possible to participate several times at "Engadin Skimarathon - individual", but it requires a new registration each time.

Official closing time

The finish in S-chanf will be closed at 3 p.m. Time will no longer be measured after 3 p.m. Skiers who arrive at the finish line after the official closing time will not be classified. The race can therefore not be evaluated.

Catering along the racecourse and at the finish line

There will be a catering service in Pontresina. Participants can eat at the Marathon Chalet in the finish area. A small selection of grilled food and pasta as well as drinks will be available. Catering at the finish area can either be purchased as a package («Gnusspäckli») at registration or obtained on site in S-chanf. The catering service at the finish area will be open until approx. 4 pm.

Transportation of personal effects

Transportation of personal effects will be provided at the start in Maloja. There are no locker rooms available at the start and finish. Transport will take place twice a day at predefined times. The exact times will be published in January 2023 at the latest.

Ambulance service

An ambulance service on the route is not offered. In case of emergency, please call 144.

Repair and waxing service

There will be no pole, repair or waxing service offered.

Ranking list

All participants will be ranked separately for men and women in an overall ranking. A ranking list is kept, which is continuously updated. In case of multiple participation, the name will appear several times on the ranking list.


Great prizes will be raffled off among all participants:

  • 1 pair of cross-country skis
  • Weekend in Engadine hotels
  • Cross-country skiing passes for the year 2024
  • Starting places for the Engadin Ski Marathon 2024

Qualification Engadin Skimarathon

Participation in the «Engadin Skimarathon – individual» is not considered to be a participation in the Engadin Skimarathon. The time is not considered as a qualification time for future Engadin Skimarathons.

Data protection

By agreeing to the competition regulations, participants also agree to Datasport's privacy policy. The names and results of the participants will be published on the official ranking list of the timekeeper. Participants have the right to demand that Datasport delete and restrict the use of personal data and to object in writing to such processing of personal data.

Information of doubtful conditions

In case of doubtful conditions, the organiser will inform via the website.

Insurance / Liability

Each participant must have accident insurance and bears full responsibility for his or her state of health. The organiser accepts no liability for accidents, lost objects, theft or other damage of any kind. The organiser also declines any liability towards spectators and third parties.

Acceptance of technical instructions and regulations

With the payment of the entry fee the participants accept without reservation these technical instructions and these regulations of the Engadin Skimarathon.


Due to the current COVID 19 situation, changes are possible at any time.