Qualification & Starting blocks

24th Engadin Women's Race


For the classification of the 23rd Engadin Women's Race on March 3rd, 2024, the qualification times listed below will be taken into account.

Qualification from participation Engadin Women's Race 2023

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Starting block Rank Total time / time from
Elite 1–94 0:44,07.7
Elite A 95-282 0:57.07,0
Main Class A 283-470 01:03.32,2
Main Class B 471-705 1:10.19,9
General Class ab 706 1:22.25,4
Total ranked 940  

Qualification from participation Engadin Women's Race 2022

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Starting block Ranks Total time / time from
Elite 1–81 0:38.26,3
Elite A 82-243 0:47.43,4
Main Class A 244-406 0:54.30,1
Main Class B 407-609 1:01.12,1
General Class from 610 1:10.08,5
Total ranked 804  

Start block division

The allocation to the starting blocks is based on the existing qualifying times from the last two years. First-time participants can allocate themselves based on their expected race time. This also applies to participants who have not taken part in the Engadin Women's Race for more than 2 years.

Allocation to the elite starting block

Proof of performance (Swiss Loppet or Worldloppet) must be provided in order to be allocated to the elite starting block (online form). Squad members must enclose a certificate of squad membership with their registration. When requesting a starting wave change after the starting bib has been allocated, a processing fee of CHF 40.00 will be charged. The first starting bib allocation will take place at the beginning of January and then continuously thereafter.

The allocation is made by the organizer and participants will be informed accordingly. Those who wish to start in a rear starting block can do so at any time and do not have to report this in advance. It may happen that certain starting blocks are fully booked. In this case, you will be assigned to the next free starting block.

No requests will be processed for existing qualifications from participations in the past two years of competition. In this case, the qualification is determined by the results. 


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