Worldloppet, Swiss Loppet,
& Russialoppet

The Engadin Skimarathon is a member and stage run of the Worldloppet, Swiss Loppet and Russialoppet competitions.


The Worldloppet Ski Association, also known as «Worldloppet», is an international sports association for cross-country marathon races. It was founded in 1978 in Uppsala, Sweden. The purpose of the association is to promote cross-country skiing through various races around the world and increase interest in it. Only one race from each country can become a member of Worldloppet. Usually this is the best race in the country. Currently, 16 different runs from Europe, Asia, America and Australia are full members of Worldloppet. Since summer 2014, four associate members have also joined. They have no voting rights at the annual meeting of all member races - Annual General Meeting AGM.

Worldloppet Pass

The Worldloppet Pass is a personal document in which every race is entered and verified with the official stamp of the race office. After ten different races, at least one outside of Europe, have been successfully completed, the pass holder receives the status of a Worldloppet Masters (WL Master). The current race calendar lists all races that are recognized for the Worldloppet Gold or Silver Master.

Order Worldloppet Pass

The pass can be ordered directly when registering for the Engadin Skimarathon and will be sent by post (CHF 35.- plus postage). You may also buy it at the marathon office in Samedan.

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Swiss Loppet

From January to March, ten varied Swiss Loppet competitions will take place. The first ten classics in each category and the first 20 in the overall category will receive an invitation to the Swiss Ski Delegate Assembly Awards Ceremony. All participants receive a valuable gift.

To participate in the Swiss Loppet, the competition regulations provide for membership of Swiss-Ski. To register for the Swiss Loppet ranking list, you must enter the membership number on the Swiss Ski card for each Swiss Loppet people's cross country race. Retroactively, no results are considered.


The Engadin Skimarathon is part of well-known national and international cross-country skiing series.


SwissTopSport brings together 20 of the biggest sporting events that take place in Switzerland every year and are among the best in the world in their sports. The events from 13 different sports attract great national and international attention.

The goal of SwissTopSport is to promote and use the social, economic and image-promoting services of the events in favor of Switzerland. For example, SwissTopSport is committed to providing better conditions for opinion leaders in politics, business and the general public.

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