52nd Engadin Skimarathon

1. How can I register and what is the entry fee?

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Entry fee

The amount of the entry fee depends on the date of the receipt of payment.

Engadin Skimarathon (42 km) CHF EUR
until 31st of August 100.00 95.00
from 1st September 120.00 110.00
from 1st of January 140.00 130.00
from 1st of February 160.00 145.00
from 1st of March 180.00 165.00

2. Can I start in another starting block?

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For a transfer to another starting block, you can submit an application with the online Form  after registering and paying the entry fee. The allocation is made by us - you will be informed accordingly.

We do not process applications for which there has been a participation qualification for the past two years. In this case the qualification is determined by the previous results.

3. Where can I stay?

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Stay overnight in one of our partner hotels. Here you will find the overview of all hotels with short description and contact details.

We also arrange cheap group accomodations in civil defense facilities and school buildings that you can book online.

4. When can I pick up the starting bib?

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You can get your starting bib from the following dates and locations:

  • Thursday, March 7th, 2019, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Marathon-Village in Pontresina
  • Friday, March 8th, 2019, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Marathon-Village in Pontresina
  • Saturday, March 9th, 2019, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Marathon-Village in Pontresina
  • Sunday, March 10th, 2019, from 06.30 am to 09.00 am, starting area Maloja

5. When is the start?

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Sunday, March 10th, 2019

Time Start block
08:25 am Elite & Elite A Women
08:30 am Elite Men
08:30 am Elite A Men
08:32 am Elite B
08:35 am Elite C
08:47 am Main Class A
08:59 am Main Class B
09:11 am Main Class C
09:23 am General Class

We recommend you to be in the starting area at least one hour before your start time. There are two heated tents available as cold protection.

6. By when do I have to submit my effects at the latest?

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All participants of the categories Elite - Elite C have to hand in their effects bags by 08:30 am. Participants of the Main class A - General Class have until 9:00 am to hand in their effects bag. In the overview plan you will find the location of the dropoff point.


7. What kind of refreshments are available during the race?

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The complete offer of refreshments  can be found on the couse map incl. overview food and drink station .

Isostar provides the participants with the following products:

8. Can I finish the race early in Pontresina if I do not want to continue?

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Marathon participants (registered 42 km), who decide before the start to finish the race after 21 km (Half Marathon) in Pontresina are to deposit their effects bag in the truck intended for the Half Marathon. Please note the separate location of this truck.

To get to the Marathon-Party in S-chanf, shuttle buses run every half hour from Pontresina station from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm.

9. Where can I celebrate after the race?

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Time Program Place
from 10:00 am Refreshment stands organised by the ski clubs Zuoz and Zernez

Finish area, S-chanf

11:00 am –08:00 pm

Marathon-Party with catering & entertainment

Finish area, S-chanf

10. Will I get the starting fee refunded if I can not start?

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If you cancel before the 31st of December the starting fee for the next year's race will be credited (no refund). With a cancellation after the 1st of January no credit will be given.

We recommend you to take out a cancellation insurance (eg directly with online registration). If you can not start the race due to illness or accident, you can submit a request for reimbursement together with a doctors note to Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG.

11. When is the race closing time?

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  • The race end is at 04:00 pm (42 km) or 02.30 pm (21 km).
  • Last-Passing-Times for 42 km: Pontresina 01:00 pm, La Punt Chamues-ch 02:15 pm and Zuoz 03:00 pm.
  • In Pontresina, La Punt Chamues-ch and Zuoz there is an official bus ready to take the late participants to the finish, where they can pickup their effects.
  • Marathon participants who arrive in Pontresina after 01:00 pm will be sent there to the finish and ranked for the Half Marathon.