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Desirée Steiner wins Engadin Women's Race in record time

S-chanf, 6 March 2022. Desirée Steiner from Davos wins the 21st Engadin Women's Race from Samedan to S-chanf. Maria Adele Zampa, a junior athlete from Ticino, comes in second, followed by Giuliana Werro from Zernez, who takes third place. The course conditions were first-rate, just one week ahead of the Engadin Skimarathon; Desirée Steiner sets a new record.

Over 900 female athletes set off from Samedan on Sunday morning for the 21st Engadin Women's Race. After the two-year pandemic-induced hiatus, the event's organisers presented the racers with a superb course; the wind-still and cold conditions made for a fast race from the start. Desirée Steiner and Giuliana Werro set the pace from the word go and raced in front of their contenders for most of the race. «I knew I had to work hard as the competition was formidable.»

First-timer Desirée Steiner almost paid too high a price for her work in the lead: «I underestimated the so called «Golan Heights» after Zuoz. I had been warned about how tough that stretch would be, but it cost me a lot more effort than I was expecting.» Old hand Seraina Boner, familiar with the course, rushed to the attack in that critical last stretch of the race. But Steiner, Werro and the junior athlete from Southern Italy, Maria Adele Zampa, were able to keep up, and so it came that the race for the medals was decided amongst this quartet.

«This may be a small victory, in athletic terms, compared to winning World Cup and Continental Cup races, but the atmosphere and the course are just amazing,» enthused the winner at the finish. «This is cross-country skiing in its purest form.» She also pays tribute to her father Toni: «My skis were first-class. Normally, I would tune my skis myself, but today, my father did it!» Further proof to show that her equipment was not to fault was the new record time set by this year's winner: 40 minutes and 48,1 seconds.

21st Engadin Women's Race 2022


Steiner Désirée

Davos Platz GR



Zampa Maria Adele

Carona TI



Werro Giuliana

Zernez GR



Boner Seraina

Davos Platz GR



Beck Leandra

St. Moritz GR



Imoberdorf Rahel

Münster VS



Guntern Helena

Ftan GR



Bebi Selina

Davos Platz GR



Jäger Christa

Valens SG



Wieser Fabiana

Sent GR


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